You will like lunch boxes. You can buy them in supermarkets and special bento shops.

Some student bring the boxes to school. We enjoy them at many events. When I was a student,
my mother made sushi rolls when there was school picnic or sports event at school.

Now, we can buy Sushi in many countries as you know. The menu is different each season.

In spring, Japanese people like to have picnics with special lunch boxes under the cherry blossom. Some people like to do at night too.
The cherry tree will be lit up for 3 weeks. If you take the course during the cherry blossom season, we can have a picnic with a lunch box after the lesson.

Lunch box course
Sushi course .....
Basic course .....
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Fee: 5000 - 10000 yen/person (depending on ingredients)
Time 10:00-14:00